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19. SoCal. I eat bitches like you for breakfast.


enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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"Student loans are just taxes for those not born rich and dare to get an education."
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yo fuck samsung users with the weird whistle text tone if I hear that one more time I’m going to drop kick your android into a lake

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First photo-set of today’s protest at Rick Perry’s mansion. We stood outside the governor’s mansion, with locals who we had met while doing outreach in different neighborhoods, and some who were compelled to take part on the spot, to oppose this governor’s woman-hating agenda, which will drive women back to the dark ages. We shared stories of women who died from illegal abortion; stories of women who today, face the shame and stigma that is heaped on women for obtaining this most fundamental right; and stories of women who were forced to have children against their will.There is nothing legitimate about his position on abortion, and unless the people rise up, he will get away with driving women backwards, to the days of illegal abortion, where an estimated 5,000 women died every year from botched illegal abortions. 

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More straight girls flirt with me than lesbians.. CAN YOU NOT

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At Hollywood Walk of Fame, a Spanish girl protesting for #gaza
u don’t have to be muslim to see the pain, u just need to be human…

I’m surprised this is the first I’ve heard of this girl.

this is so simple but so powerful i love it

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Did I miss a season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race?

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